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Ledesma’s Integrated Annual Report

The Integrated Annual Report is one single document including the company's Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Sustainability Report. Ledesma is the first agro-industrial company in Argentina to adopt this reporting model. Its Integrated Annual Report uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards stating its contribution...


Ledesma NAT won Sustainability Product of the Year Award

For the second time, the Business Intelligence Group –within its 2021 Sustainability Awards program– honored Ledesma NAT - Spiral Notebook products as the winner of the 2021 Sustainability Product of the Year Award.Ledesma has also won this prestigious award in 2019.“We are very proud to...


Las Yungas Forest and Ledesma

Our lands and our main industrial complex are located amidst two ecosystems in the north of Argentina: subtropical forests, also known as Cloud Forests or “Las Yungas”, and Chaco forests....


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