Ledesma strong presence in International Sugar Cane Congress 2019

Ledesma outstanding participation in the Congress organized by the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists – ISSCT was evidenced by many of Ledesma´s leading exhibitors´ presentations and a special program destined to 150 technologists coming from five continents, who were invited to visit the company´s factory and field facilities.

The XXX International Sugar Cane Congress this year was held in Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy provinces, in Argentina. This key international event is of the highest importance to the sugar alcohol industry and is held every three years in different hosting countries. Argentina hosted it for the first time this year, and it gathered professionals and experts coming from the five continents around the world.

The Congress opening was held in Tucumán Convention Center, and included very interesting technical presentations on agricultural practices, development programs and environmental protection issues. Ledesma professionals participated as lecturers on many of said presentations. For example, the company explained the concept of “Protected Productive Landscape”, a very important topic for foreign and local technologists, by showing images of Ledesma´s 100,000 hectares natural reserve in Jujuy.

Furthermore, Ledesma had an institutional stand where visitors could learn on the Jujuy founded company´s main activities, briefly divided into three main cornerstones: production, environmental protection and community-related activities. These three areas are included under the concept of circular economy, which is the base for sustainability in Ledesma. Visitors were welcomed by a bar offering Ledesma´s sugar sweetened beverages and fruits, so they could taste and learn first-hand the company´s products, including our Raw Muscovado Sugar and +Bio Notebook, a 100% sugarcane based notebook with bioplastic cover.

Post-congress activities were held on September 6, 2019: 150 technologists coming from all over the world had the opportunity of learning Ledesma´s agronomic practices by visiting the company´s field facilities in Jujuy, while another group of experts visited the company´s sugar and paper factories. Big expectations were raised on learning about different sugarcane irrigation systems used by Ledesma, which were clearly explained to the visitors by the company´s engineers.

On Sunday, international technologists had the opportunity of visiting our R&D Institute called “Chacra Experimental Santa Rosa” in Salta, the first and the only private sugarcane research institute in Argentina which main objective is discovering new sugarcane varieties adapted to the climate and soil of the north area in our country. Ledesma is one of its three Mills owners.

Fernando del Pino, Ledesma´s Fields Manager said: “The Congress intention was to provide local technologists and experts with a space of fruitful exchange of information with our international peers, so as to continue to add value to the sugar alcohol industry, which is firmly rooted in the North of Argentina”.


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