Meat and Grains
Centella Estate located at Concepción del Uruguay, province of Entre Ríos

We produce meat and cereals developing responsible agriculture with cutting-edge technology.

Ledesma develops its agricultural and livestock business though “La Biznaga” company in 4 (four) different facilities which include, in aggregate, 51,429 ha. Three of them are located in the province of Buenos Aires (La Biznaga, in Roque Pérez District; La Bellaca, in 25 de Mayo District; and Magdala, in Pehuajó District) and the remaining facility is located in the province of Entre Ríos (Centella Estate, Concepción del Uruguay District).

Grain plantation in Centella Estate.

The estates mentioned above are destined to grain (mainly soy, wheat and corn) and livestock production and they are characterized by the high technicity they apply to their processes and their care of soil as a top priority. This means that, on one hand, highly-skilled personnel uses cutting-edge technology in their processes (soil mapping, fertilization, and direct seeding and drainage systems) and, on the other hand, that the company has decided to refrain from working in certain areas so as to keep them as natural reserves.


In Centella Estate, Ledesma preserves 4,000 ha as natural area. This place hosts 76 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish, and 120 species of birds among which we can find the endangered Saffron-cowled Blackbird (tordo amarillo), which was declared Natural Monument in Misiones and Entre Ríos.

Protected natural reserve in Centella, province of Entre Ríos.


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