Las Yungas Forest and Ledesma

Our lands and our main industrial complex are located amidst two ecosystems in the north of Argentina: subtropical forests, also known as Cloud Forests or “Las Yungas”, and Chaco forests.


Las Yungas forests represent 2% of the continental area of the country, but keeps 50% of its biodiversity. Las Yungas surface exceeds 4,000,000 hectares in Argentina and they are inhabited by 500 species of birds, 200 species of trees, 80 varieties of ferns and 30 species of frogs and toads. It is also inhabited by endangered species, decimated by indiscriminate hunting, such as the jaguar, tapir, peccary, honey bear and wild fox.


Las Yungas forests are particularly important to capture water and industries and productive activities surrounding the forest depend on this water. 90% of rains occur between November and April and fogs and drizzles help to maintain the flow of rivers and streams during the other half of the year.




Las Yungas Biosphere Reserve (RBYungas) was declared by UNESCO on December 2002 as part of UNESCO Men and the Biosphere Program. The purpose is to preserve that special area of 1,300,000 hectares as one of the areas including the highest biodiversity in Argentina.


There are 610 Reserves in the world, 13 of which are located in Argentina. They are more than simple protected areas: these Reserves promote a balanced relationship between men and nature.



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