Environmental Policy

Ledesma considers that environmental and natural resources protection is essential to create value on a sustainable basis, therefore, it strongly commits to fulfill the following principles:


Regulatory compliance: to ensure that our activities comply with all environmental legislation in force applicable thereto.


Management: to establish a sustainable management of processes, provided that said management is balanced in relation to its economic, social and environmental aspects.


Prevention and conservation: to apply a preventive approach, by evaluating potential risks, in order to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.


Responsibility: to promote environmental responsibility throughout the company, as well as among suppliers, clients and the communities where the company operates.


Communication: to promote training fostering the awareness of each member of your company and all your chain value, as active players in building a corporate culture committed to sustainability.


Minimum impact: to assess and minimize environmental impact of different productive processes.


Maximum efficiency: to maximize efficiency of energy consumption and natural resources, therefore promoting the use of renewable energy to minimize environmental impact.


Recycling: to apply best practices in environmental care, minimizing and reducing any operative impact the company may have, optimizing the consumption of raw material and recycling waste.


Quality: to encourage the implementation of best practices in environmental issues and the use of environmentally-friendly technology in order to meet the requirements set forth by international standards certifications.


Innovation and continuous improvement: to promote innovation and continual improvement in industrial activities, products and services, trying to reach the highest environmental performance.


Commitment: to promote education, training and commitment of Ledesma staff in environmental matters, in accordance with the principles mentioned above. To collaborate with public and private entities in increasing awareness on environmental issues.


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