Territorial Planning

We have developed a territorial planning in our lands in the province of Jujuy, which consists in a scientific study of Fundación ProYungas (Foundation) to determine which sectors may be destined to agricultural production and which ones should be preserved. The province of Jujuy has approved this territorial planning, which has also obtained the National Parks and NGOs Authorities approval, for example, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina and Greenpeace Argentina.


Thus, 2 out of 3 hectares of our properties in the province of Jujuy are private reserve areas destined to the protection of Yungas (forest) and their biodiversity. The territory planning has established a maximum productive use of land in 61,000 hectares out of 157,000 hectares Ledesma owns in the province of Jujuy.


There is a general perception that production-related activities are contrary to biodiversity persistence. The vision supporting the concepts stated in the “Protected Productive Landscape” Plan is that production-related activities can generate economic resources to promote a better quality of life and to achieve social stability in communities where those activities are performed.


Territorial Planning – “Protected Productive Landscape” Plan


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