Ledesma Visitors Center

Ledesma´s Visitor Center is located in Libertador General San Martín, province of Jujuy. It is an interpretation center of the company and of its neighboring communities, which provides information about the company´s history, our main activities and our permanent bonds with neighbors. The Visitors Center also has an area for temporary exhibitions, which is used for different local cultural activities.


The Center is open to all visitors, entrance is free and it is part of the tourist circuit of Las Yungas area. It is a meeting point with the Ledesma community, where the company conducts activities with social players and neighbors.



Since its opening in 2008, Ledesma´s Visitors Center has been implementing a training program destined to students of all educational levels. For that purpose, the contents were adjusted according to the age and the particular interests of each educational institution. Museography contents of the Interpretation Center are complete and pleasant; enriched by a system of animated infographics and audiovisual contents that show the full production processes of sugar, paper, alcohol, juice and fruits-related products.


We also offer a program of special thematic discussions with an annual schedule that is updated every year and which current modules are: 


– Environment (primary and secondary school, post-secondary education and university)


– Quality standards (post-secondary education and university)


– Industrial safety and quality (post-secondary education and university)


– Native Flora and Fauna (primary and secondary school) 


– Semiotic reading of photographic archive of Ledesma and Libertador Gral. San Martín city (secondary school and post-secondary studies/ special groups)



As part of our community engagement program including schools surrounding Ledesma´s operative region, in the province of Jujuy, we have developed an intense schedule of annual tasks to be performed, which includes teachers and students from kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.


Since its opening, Ledesma´s Visitors Center has received more than 60,000 persons and every year the number of visitors increases. More than 10,000 students from educational institutions come to Ledesma´s Visitors Center every year, most of them coming from schools located in the province of Jujuy.




Since 2010, we have been working with the teachers training institute “Instituto Superior de Formación Docente de Libertador General San Martín”, where we offer discussions, workshops and internships to the students with a specialization on tourism. Since 2013, we have incorporated activities for students specializing on biofuels and agronomy.




The Center has a room for temporary exhibitions and an auditorium to conduct artistic and cultural activities.


During the entire year, we support art, music, literature and drama by performing every season more than 45 cultural, educational and artistic events, organized and coordinated by the Center team. That is to say, an average of one cultural event every 8 days.


Institutional recognitions


Declared of Educational interest by the Ministry of Education of the Province of Jujuy. Resolution No. 3238 of November 12, 2008.


Declared of Educational interest by the Ministry of Education of the Province of Jujuy / Delegation of the V Region.  Resolution No. 0091-RV-2008 of May 2, 2008


Declared of Historical Municipal Interest by EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 022375 of May 29, 2008


Declared of Legislative Interest. Declaration No. 725 of August 8, 2008


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Telephone No.: 03886 429440 / 429439




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