Educational Programs

Fostering educational growth in the province of Jujuy is one Ledesma´s main purposes as regards Social Corporate Responsibility.


We are committed to train young people, especially to create abilities to have access to formal and quality employment. The company has implemented ongoing initiatives to make contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


We work to provide quality technical and technological training courses, we support the technical school “Herminio Arrieta” by offering them training programs, we receive more than 300 students every year in our factories and farms, who come from technical and agro-technical schools in the province of Jujuy, within the framework of the Program “Escuela Empresa” (Enterprise-School) and we have fluid communication with schools located in the communities which are close to the place where we operate in order to address their needs and listen to their proposals.


The main educational programs in the province of Jujuy are the following:


Escuela Técnica Herminio Arrieta
Technical School “Herminio Arrieta”

Since 2010, Ledesma has been carrying out an improvement plan for the school, since we believe that supporting technical education in the community is essential to promote economic and social sustainability.



Skill Training Program

We have provided skill training programs in collaboration with the Technical School Herminio Arrieta to 200 young students in the cities of Libertador General San Martín, Calilegua and El Talar with the purpose of providing them technical knowledge and non-formal education to find a job.


Programa de Escuela Empresa

Program “Escuela Empresa” (School – Enterprise)

We have implemented this annual program since 2014, approved as the “Vocational Training Courses” Plan by the Ministry of Education, since it is included within the curricula of schools in which it is implemented.





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