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Ledesma Innovation and Technology Program (PIT for its Spanish acronym) was created in 2002, in the province Jujuy, with the original purpose of breaching the digital gap and increasing employment opportunities of young people over the age of 16, generally the age of transition to start looking for their first job.


In 2015, we started to modify the contents of the program, changing from Office environment to Google environment and Cloud collaboration, 3D printing, robotics and programming. This new focus enabled us to lower the age to enter the program to 10 year-olds, since children learn about technology naturally and therefore they may start getting trained for job opportunities to come in the global market.


We offer free courses on interesting issues of general knowledge, specific courses for teachers and many other courses. We offer short workshops on robotics for children from 5 years old and biannual robotics and programming courses for children from 10 years old. Moreover, we offer biannual Design and 3D Printing courses. We also offer courses destined to provide direct work opportunities, such as courses of administrative skills that companies may require, Programming I and II, Technical Support, Autocad 2D and 3D, and Design, Inkscape, Ethernet and Wireless Networks, and we also offer internships in the company for outstanding students.   


The PIT Program does not only train people living in the community but also aims to strengthen civil organizations, like schools, the local hospital, the Union of Neighborhood Centers, the City Council, Ex-combatant and Natives Organizations of Las Yungas region.


Learning methodology and dynamics to be applied with children is playing games using friendly and intuitive software. Children learn programming while they play games or have fun, and develop programming logics and the ability to solve problems almost without noticing it.


We want young people to develop tools of collaborative work in free software environments for case resolution and to solve real problems in the communities where they live. Currently, we are experiencing with the assembly of prosthesis for the human body in connection with the special school of the community that provides education to disabled persons.



Figures of the PIT Program


We have been providing technology training courses for the last 15 years. During this time,15,000 students have attended our courses.


1,000 students every year study in our 7 technology centers, which have 120 computers, 40 robotics kits, two printers and 3D scanners.


A team of 10 teachers provide training courses, and students must have 80% of attendance and pass a final exam to complete the course.


7 out of 10 former students that are currently working said that the training course helped them to find a job, according to the last survey.


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