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Ledesma’s Integrated Annual Report

The Integrated Annual Report is one single document including the company's Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Sustainability Report. Ledesma is the first agro-industrial company in Argentina to adopt this reporting model. Its Integrated Annual Report uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards stating its contribution...


Ledesma successfully closed Harvest Season 2021

Ledesma has finished its annual sugarcane harvesting season. Sugarcane is its raw material for the production of sugar, paper, alcohol, bioethanol, notebooks, filler paper and electrolytic products. With the end of the harvest, the production cycle continues in the mills, where sugar refining and packaging,...


Ledesma starts new Sugarcane Harvesting

(Libertador General San Martín, May 28th, 2021) Ledesma has started its annual sugarcane harvesting season in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols in force and protecting 6,000 employees in Jujuy, while starting its sugar, paper, alcohol and bioethanol production cycle.This year, the company expects volumes of...


Ledesma successfully closed its harvest season 2019/20

(Jujuy, 26 November 2020) Following a six-month rally full of different challenges - the most significant being the coronavirus pandemic - Ledesma has closed its annual sugarcane harvest season 2019-20.This was one of the most difficult harvest seasons in Ledesma’s history. Amid the crippling impact...


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