How do we assess talent?

We have reviewed our performance management system to foster talent development and let our staff take center stage in talent development while driving business value.


This new performance management system is called: “North, your progress towards personal talent development”.


In different steps throughout the year, our Executive Officers drive conversations with their staff on their strengths and improvement opportunities, and they agree on various actions to be taken to enhance their development and to adapt it to the company´s needs. They also set goals aligned  with their strategic business plans.


This process is conducted under a digital platform where all the information on performance self-assessment, assessment, permanent feedback and goals are recorded.


The skills and competencies under assessment are the following:


  • Collaborative work


  • Innovation and adaptation to change


  • Results-oriented performance and management


  • Internal and external Customer Service


  • We also want our Executive Officers, Managers and Directors to stand out for their leadership skills while fostering staff performance, and for their strategic vision.




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