We added value to one third of corn harvest in San Luis.


In 2008 Glucovil Argentina S.A. was created based on a strategic business association made with Cargill, a leader in the corn wet-milling business. Glucovil has reached a current daily milling capacity of 110 tons of corn due to this association. Cargill currently owns 70% of the stock capital of this new company, while Ledesma owns the remaining 30%


In the province of San Luis, we produce syrup, starch and oils for a wide range of food and industrial applications, apart from animal nutrition products, all of them originated in corn wet-milling. Part of the syrup we produce is used as a liquid substitute for sugar, and this makes handling easier for some types of industries, especially for soda, flavored water, liquors, bakery, preserves and jams. Other types of syrup we produce cannot be replaced and are used in the manufacturing of candies, our traditional caramel “dulce de leche”, jams and nougat, among others.


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