Protected Productive Landscape

From the beginning, Ledesma has worked on achieving business growth while protecting the environment and ecosystems surrounding the company. Lands which are now part of Calilegua National Park in the province of Jujuy have been donated by Ledesma, expanding the National Park to more than 76,000 hectares of Las Yungas (forest). Since 2008, we have been working together with Fundación ProYungas (Foundation) in a program called “Protected Productive Landscape” (PPL). It consists in an action program which objectives are finding ways to combine development with preservation, based on territorial planning and biodiversity care.


Planificación Territorial

Territorial Planning

We have developed a new territorial planning for our lands located in the province Jujuy, which consists in a scientific study of Fundación ProYungas (Foundation) to determine which sectors may be destined to agricultural production and which ones should be preserved.





We have implemented a monitoring program of native fauna and flora within Las Yungas region (forest) and the areas surrounding sugarcane and citrus plantations.


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